7 Plant Based Proteins

Are you curious about incorporating more plant based proteins into your diet? You are not alone! Plant based proteins are becoming more mainstream, for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. I get asked all time time, “how can I get enough protein without eating meat?” I promise you it is easier (and cheaper!) than you think.

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25 Things To Do Besides Eat

One of the things that has always annoyed me about meal plans is the lack of discussion around eating that happens when we are NOT hungry. Food makes us feel good, and let's be honest -it's a quick fix on harder days. I remember one of the doctors I used to work with would say to patients, "It's simple, just don't eat if you are not hungry." (*insert eye roll here*) 

If that advice worked, we wouldn't have more and more people struggling with being overweight and obese every year. There is a major piece of the puzzle missing, if you are not going to eat....

…What will you do instead? 

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My top six vegan breakfasts for weight loss

Since getting our pup, Ramble, Justin and I have been waking up earlier to get everyone fed and out the door on time. I have noticed that the dark and crisp mornings have made me crave a warmer meal in the morning. I am excited to share some of my go to breakfast options with you.

After counseling hundreds of clients, I have noticed that breakfast is the meal we seem the least emotionally attached to, often because we are heading out the door. Yet, it really does set the tone for the day - give one of my vegan breakfasts a try.

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